With more than 40 years of what I describe as "playing with technology", I’ve helped organizations achieve their stated objectives. If one identifies and works out the kinks. IT can deliver the business results that executives know are in “there” somewhere. Sometimes it’s tuning of the underlying business process, developing demonstrations of technology to make the problems obvious, or turning the problem on its head or side to see it differently. Getting the business requirements / technical constraints explicitly on paper always aids in making trade offs. It's all about getting results.

I am again helping another large organization extract value from its technology portfolio. In this case, Comcast is moving from a cable company to an  aggressive front running position as a multiple service provider. Considering the desire to: get to six 9's availability, lead the technology world, and keep a grazillion Customers happy, this too should be "fun".

In the past, I have been "big" and "small", with and without staff, and served as individual contributor. As evidence of "big",  managed large staffs (i.e., 290 people in 22 states) and big budgets (i.e., 90M$ capital and 45M$ expense) in key areas such as applications development, networking, operations, security, recovery, business process reengineering, and even headed an individual business unit. As evidence of "small",  was in my own consulting business on three occasions. Burnt out both times; burnt out, but had a great time doing it.

I’m  very proud of my Bachelor's degree from Manhattan College in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, achieved when IT was only available to the big companies. I also have an MBA in Management and MS Comp Science from FDU. A life long learner,  every year I’ve taken -- often at my own expense -- one business and one technology educational activity. As the inveterate tinker, I’m now running Linux Ubuntu 7.10 in my datacenter (aka, my garage). I offer R&D services to others interested in R&D.

And, I’m a Notary. ;-)

With strong opinions and burning desire to “help”. Watch out! It may not be the type of help you were expecting.

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